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Multi-tier Commission


Reward your partners for bringing in new affiliates to your program.

Auto-generated Coupons


Enhance your affiliate tracking process by automatically generating unique coupons for each affiliate.

Additional Links for Affiliate Tracking


Provide your affiliates with a variety of promotional links for affiliate tracking. Create multiple links to your website, or add external links to your affiliate program.

Product-Based Commissions


More powerful, dynamic commissions. This update enables you to tailor commission rates based on specific products or product categories.

Referral 2.0


An expanded rewards system, including discount codes and gift cards. Plus, a simplified, no-code referral portal for effortless integration with any website.

Target-Based Rewards


Recognize top-performing partners. Reward affiliate partners with additional incentives upon reaching set targets.

Partnero Email Notifications

Stay informed with email notifications about new partner signups, payout requests, and more.

In progress

Refer-a-Friend Program for Shopify and WooCommerce Integrations


Integrate Partnero’s Refer-a-Friend program into your e-commerce stores using our Shopify and WooCommerce integrations.


Multi-Language for Partner Portal


Navigate partner dashboards comfortably in your native language! Affiliates can select their preferred language, creating a more flexible, personalized, and accessible experience.

ESP Integrations

More ESP options for your affiliate and referral programs.

White-Labeled CNAME for Partnero Portal Domains

Use your own domain to connect domains to the Partner Portal.

One-Time Password (OTP) and Social Login for Partner Portal


Convenient, secure, and simple. Passwordless logins and sign-ups allow partners to authenticate and easily access the Partner Portal without remembering or entering a password. 

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