supercharge your sales with partnero

Affiliate tracking software for WooCommerce

Set up a fully customized affiliate program for your WooCommerce store in minutes. Seamless integration, reliable tracking, and automatic reward attribution.

Boost your e-commerce store growth with affiliate marketing 

Here is how affiliate marketing for WooCommerce can help you unlock the full potential of your store and get ahead of your competition:

Brand presence & credibility

Influential affiliate partners can help create social proof and accelerate brand recognition. This increases brand visibility and builds trust.

Highly targeted leads

Reach the right customers at a lower cost by partnering with affiliates who target specific audiences.

Cost-effective and low risk

Affiliate marketing operates on an accurate performance-based model, so you only pay for actual results—no more wasted ad spend.

Easy performance tracking

Access real-time data and performance tracking, allowing you to measure and optimize results for better ROI.

New marketing channels

Partnering with local affiliates who can promote your products allows you to tap into new markets and reach new audiences.

Seamless integration with WooCommerce

Effortlessly manage your program, track conversions, and reward your partners.


Set up your affiliate program

Enjoy a fully flexible program structure to fit your business needs.


Connect with WooCommerce

Use our plugin to integrate Partnero with any of your WooCommerce sites easily.


Grow your audience reach and revenue

Reach new, highly targeted audiences by partnering with trusted affiliates.


Monitor program performance

Use program insights to see what’s working and finetune program settings.


Reward your partners

Use our Paypal Mass Pay integration to reward your partners in a few clicks.

Offer the ultimate partner experience

Partnero is tailored to your brand, giving your partners all the tools they need to promote your product. From a white-label partner portal to marketing resources and unlimited, customizable referral links, you can trust that your affiliates have everything they need to be successful.

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More features to explore

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Consolidated dashboard

Create as many programs as you need and track the performance of your partnerships with a single dashboard.

Flexible commission setup

Fixed or % based commission. One-time or recurring commission for subscription-based models.

Program emails

Use an email builder to review and edit affiliate program emails so they align with your brand voice.

Resources page

Build a resource hub and manage it in real time. Upload relevant marketing material, add descriptions, and swap out assets.

Automated payouts

Cut hours of manual tasks by paying all your partners at once with a Mass Pay file or PayPal integration.

Manage your partnerships like never before.

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