Drive customer loyalty with Partnero referral programs

Turn your customers into brand advocates and increase customer retention through word-of-mouth marketing.

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Leverage your biggest untapped growth channel

Did you know that people are 4x more likely to buy when referred by people they know? Reward your customers and watch your business grow.

A program that runs by itself

Give each customer a unique referral link and offer rewards for inviting friends to try your product.

Easy to use for your customers

Frictionless, automated onboarding and 1-click sharing options via email or socials.

Growth in customer loyalty and spending habits

Referred customers are more likely to buy, spend more money, and have a better lifetime value.

Ready to grow?

There’s nothing like a personal recommendation. Especially when it comes with a reward. Start your referral program with Partnero today.

Refer-a-Friend program

Partnero offers you the perfect way to boost your customer loyalty while also acquiring new customers and growing revenue.

Flexible integration

Use our API and Webhooks for easy integration into your existing tech stack.

Full customization

Set reward structure, duration & steps. Select custom triggers, offer % or fixed rewards.

Multiple rewards

Create as many rewards as you need, each with unique settings.

Custom links & settings

Choose how to structure your links and set your cookie time.

Referral emails

Invite your friends to join you! Link your domain and customize referral emails to match your branding.

Customer profiles

Find your top-performing customers, and review their activity and conversions.

Newsletter referral program

Keep your subscribers engaged and offer rewards for promoting your newsletter.

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