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Over 15,000+ affiliates use our platform. From our partner portal to partner analytics, our feature-rich platform eliminates the need for in-house solutions. Focus on growing and building your partnerships instead.

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Create a powerful affiliate program

Stay competitive with a fully-customizable program structure. Decide when and how your partners will be rewarded, finetune every setting, and align the program with your business goals.

  • Offer fixed amount or percentage-based commissions in your preferred currency
  • Reward your partners a set amount of times, months, or go for lifetime commissions
  • Customize affiliate tracking links and tracking cookie duration
  • Connect a custom domain for additional branded tracking links

Create a unique partner portal with a branded look and feel

We know how important branding is. Don’t compromise your vision with a white-label partner portal. Provide your partners with a seamless experience.

Design settings

Choose your layout, colors,  and fonts. Add your logo and fav icon. Change or translate the text and connect your domain.

Custom dashboard

Decide how the partner dashboard will look like. Include what’s important, change the layout, and add custom blocks.

Resources page

Build a unique resource hub and manage it in real time. Upload various marketing materials, add descriptions, and swap out assets.

Signup & login pages

Personalize and design signup and login pages. Add your images and text, collect marketing permissions, and customize the registration form.

Onboarding cards

Welcome new partners with custom onboarding cards. Share the most important information, contact details, and next steps.

Approval form

Build a fully customizable questionnaire to find out more about your partners. Review and approve new applicants before they get access to your program.

Get to know your partners

Keeping your affiliate partners motivated is crucial. Remember, often 20% of affiliate partners are responsible for 80% of sales.

  • Find top-performing partners, based on sales or traffic
  • Assign individual commission rates or payout options
  • Invite new prospects to join your program
  • Track individual partner performance and manage accounts

Monitor program performance

Track and analyze data with program insights to identify what's working for you and where you can start making adjustments. Access real-time analytics and stay on top of key performance indicators.

For those with more than one program running, use the account dashboard to view data aggregated across all your partnership programs.

Optimize your work

Simplify and automate daily tasks and dedicate your time to what’s important - building long-lasting partnerships and growing your business.

Automated payouts

Cut hours of manual tasks by paying all your partners at once with PayPal or Wise integrations.

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Connect Partnero with your favorite tools to create workflows and complete tasks automatically.

Program emails

Design automated emails that align with your brand communications. We’ll make sure they’re sent on time.

Put your partners at the forefront

Make it easy for your partners to promote your product successfully by providing them with essential features and guaranteeing a great partner experience, from sign-up to payouts.

Multiple custom affiliate links

Possibility to create as many unique individual affiliate links as your partners require.

PayPal or Wise payouts

Easily transfer funds to your partners directly from your Partnero account to their bank or PayPal accounts.

QR codes

Simplify offline promotion with automatically-generated QR codes for every unique affiliate link.

Social sharing

One-click social media sharing with pre-written messages and automatically embedded affiliate links.


Detailed aggregated data about clicks, signups and sales as well as individual reporting for every unique affiliate link.

Resources library

Access to a fully customizable resources page where you can upload various marketing materials, including product images, banners, articles, and more.

Explore more features

  • Multiple programs under one account
  • Email notifications about new activity
  • API and Webhooks
  • Subscription-based commission
  • Coupon codes
  • Automated refund handling
  • Partner portal SEO settings

Manage your partnerships like never before.

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