Create the affiliate program you want, your way

54% of brand marketers rank affiliate marketing among their top three customer acquisition channels.

Source Forrester

Program settings

Set up the main details of your program

  • Commission structure
  • Program currency
  • Partner portal URL
  • Tracking and cookie settings

Partner portal settings

Tailor each step to suit your brand

  • Add your logo, color, favicon, and font family
  • Create a custom dashboard
  • Build an approval questionnaire
  • Customize the signup and login pages
  • Enable onboarding cards

Features for partners

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  • Customize the default referral link
  • Access reporting, resources, and referral list
  • View reporting for individual referral links
  • QR codes for offline promotion
  • Create additional custom referral links
  • Manage payouts
  • Social sharing

Reporting & Management

  • Manage individual partner accounts
  • Filter partners based on their performance
  • Invite partners to join your program
  • Import and export partners
  • Search the complete list of referred clients
  • Review referral information and sales data
  • Gain insights with program analytics

Automated payouts

Export a Mass Pay file that can be uploaded to various payment service providers or use our PayPal Mass Pay integration to process hundreds of payments at once.

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Providing your partners with up-to-date marketing materials is essential. Build a fully customizable resources page by uploading assets, banners, brand colors, and more. Choose the layout and add descriptions. Easily manage your resources in real-time: update your assets in-app and we’ll make sure they’re delivered to your partners in seconds.

Program emails

Send transactional and notification emails to your partners. Use an email builder to review and edit email content and style so they align with your regular marketing communications and brand voice. Set up your sender name and email address by using custom SMTP.

Add partners, customers, and transactions

Manually create partners as well as their referrals and transactions when needed.

Explore more features

  • Percentage-based or fixed commission
  • Recurring or one-time commission
  • Commission by number of customer payments
  • Custom tracking domains and links
  • Automated refund handling
  • Commission holding period
  • Custom rewards for individual partners
  • Partner portal translations
  • Social media sharing

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