Automated payouts

Wave spreadsheets goodbye with automated payouts

  • Eliminate hours of manual tasks by paying all your partners at once
  • Set conditions for when a partner can request a payout
  • Review payout requests before they are paid out
  • Gain insights with payout analytics
How it works with

PayPal Mass Pay integration

Connect Partnero and Paypal to pay your affiliate partners directly from your Partnero account in a click.

Initial set up

Enable the PayPal mass pay feature on your PayPal account. Then, connect Partnero to PayPal by following the instructions available.

One-step payouts

Approve the payout requests you’d like to settle and click “Proceed”. Congratulations, you’re done!

How it works with

Mass pay file

If you’re using a different payment service provider, we’ll prepare a customized file format you can use. No integration required.

Step 1

Approve payout requests and download the Mass Pay file.

Step 2

Upload the file to your payment processor to make payments.

Step 3

Re-upload the same file to Partnero to mark payout requests as “Done”.

Payout analytics

  • See how your partnership program is performing by tracking revenue and rewards
  • Track the number of incoming payout requests and rewards data
  • See your top-performing partners to recognize and celebrate their success

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