Automated payouts

Wave spreadsheets goodbye with automated payouts. Set a schedule and pay your partners on time even when you’re on holiday.

  • Eliminate hours of manual tasks by paying all your partners at once
  • Set conditions for partner payout requests
  • Choose your preferred payout schedule for recurring payments
  • Track performance and gain insights with automated payout analytics

Connect Payouts to Partnero

Managing payouts just got a whole lot easier. Here are 3 ways you can connect payouts to Partnero to make sure your partners can accept payments internationally and get paid on time.



Paypal Mass Pay Integration for Automated Payouts

Connect Partnero and Paypal to pay your affiliate partners with one click.

Initial set up

Enable the PayPal mass pay feature on your PayPal account. Connect Partnero to PayPal by following the instructions available.

One-step payouts

Approve payout requests you’d like to settle and click “Proceed”. Congratulations, you’re done!

What is PayPal Mass Pay?

By connecting this payout option with Partnero, account holders can send up to 10,000 payments with a single click. Those who receive the money will find the funds in their PayPal accounts – that’s right, it goes straight into your digital wallet!



Wise Integration for Automated Payouts

Easily transfer funds to your global affiliate audience directly from your Partnero account to their bank accounts.

Set it and forget it

With a simple setup Wise provides flexibility in making sure money gets to the right partner on time.

Great PayPal alternative

Do your partners prefer receiving commissions directly to their bank accounts? Use Wise!

What is Wise Mass Pay?

Wise is an industry leader for cross-border payments. Connect Wise payouts to Partnero to make secure, fast, and low-cost bulk payments directly to your affiliate partners' bank accounts.  

Set It and Forget It With Payout Automation 

Set up a schedule to pay your partners regularly with PayPal Mass Pay and Wise integrations. Earn partner trust and brand credibility by ensuring your payouts to their e-wallets are always on time.

  • Choose daily, weekly, or monthly payouts
  • Set a maximum payout amount you’re comfortable with
  • Review or automatically approve all payout requests
  • Start or pause the payout automation at any time


Mass Pay file

Using a different payment service provider? We have your back covered. We’ll prepare a customized file format, so you can still automate payouts. No integration required.

Step 1

Approve payout requests and download the Mass Pay file.

Step 2

Upload the file to your payment processor to make payments.

Step 3

Re-upload the same file to Partnero to mark payout requests as “Done.”

Payout Analytics

  • See how your partnership program is performing by tracking revenue and rewards
  • Track the number of incoming payout requests and reward data
  • Recognize top-performing partners and celebrate their success
  • Monitor ‌automated payout data over time to with insights graphs to identify key trends and patterns

Manage your partnerships like never before.

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