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E-commerce affiliate marketing

Reach targeted audiences, boost your e-commerce sales, and build e-commerce loyalty by launching an affiliate program.

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Unleash the power of e-commerce affiliate marketing with Partnero

Ready to amplify your business growth and maximize your marketing efforts? Let's explore how e-commerce affiliate marketing gives you an edge over your competition:

Cost-effective and low risk

Affiliate programs require a smaller investment to launch than standard advertising.

High return on investment

Affiliate marketing operates on a performance-based model so you only pay for real results.

Wide audience reach

Partnering with local affiliates who can promote your SaaS allows you to tap into new markets and reach new audiences.

Increased brand awareness and credibility

Influential affiliate partners create social proof and excel brand recognition. This increases brand visibility and credibility.

Easy performance tracking

Measure and optimize results for better ROI by tracking real-time affiliate marketing data.

Created for e-commerce affiliate programs with add to cart in mind

Partnero was created to offer you the perfect way to boost your brand and acquire new customers. Create an affiliate program that works for you with Partnero.

Set up your program structure

Decide how and when your partners will be rewarded. Stay competitive with fully customizable program settings:

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  • Fixed amount or percentage-based commissions
  • Automated refund handling
  • Commission holding period if you offer a money-back guarantee
  • Custom tracking links and cookie duration

Connect your online store

Partnero seamlessly integrates with the most popular e-commerce platforms, payment getaways, and automation platforms to allow easy integration into your existing tech stack.

The ultimate partner experience

Our platform is tailored to your brand, giving your partners all the tools they need to promote your product. From marketing resources to unlimited customizable links, and a partner portal to email marketing, you can trust that your affiliates have everything they need to be successful.

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Make data-driven decisions with automated sales tracking

We'll track every purchase attributed to your affiliates and provide you with valuable insights into program revenue and rewards. Easily identify your top-performing affiliates and track their success.

Automate payouts and
save time

Our Mass Pay file, Paypal and Wise integrations make it easy to pay your affiliates in minutes, saving you hours of work.

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Explore more features for your e-commerce affiliate program

Consolidated dashboard

Create as many programs as you need and track the performance of your partnerships with a single dashboard.

Payout analytics

Monitor program revenue, rewards, and growth with payout KPIs and insights.

Resource library

Build a fully customizable resources page by uploading assets, banners, brand colors, and more.

Program emails

Use an email builder to review and edit email content and style so they align with your brand voice.

Full control with an intuitive interface

No need to call your developer - easily change any setting or update the partner portal and we’ll make sure the changes are live immediately.

Manage your partnerships like never before.

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