MailerLite Generated More Than $5.9M in Revenue with Partnero

MailerLite, a leading email marketing service provider, sought to maximize its revenue potential with affiliate programs. While they have plans to explore newsletter referral programs, their bread and butter is in their affiliate program! By partnering with Partnero, MailerLite achieved remarkable success, generating over $5.9 million in revenue. Let’s learn how. 

We spoke to MailerLite’s partnership managers, Rachel Guidery and Nicole Pyzyk, and learned about their challenges in managing MailerLite’s partnership programs before switching to Partnero. Common challenges include:

  • Price, 

  • Lack of centralized management, 

  • Limited tracking & analytics,

  • Manual payout processes,

  • Lack of tech support.

Rachel leads strategic partnerships and integration partners, while Nicole leads MailerLite’s affiliate program. Both have agreed that these challenges resulted in missed opportunities in their fields, difficulty in measuring the performance and impact of MailerLite’s partnership programs accurately, and scalability. Manual payout processes, in particular, were time-consuming and prone to errors.

That is why MailerLite turned to Partnero. 

“We’re extremely happy about Partnero's constant support and responsiveness. They are so easy to work with. While it’s a new product, their willingness to take feedback has made our Partnero experience very positive. It’s also so easy to use. I’ve used other platforms prior to this, but this has been the easiest to use. It’s so efficient and user-friendly, helping us reach and exceed our revenue goals.”

Nicole Pyzyk, Partnerships Manager, MailerLite

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Disclosure: MailerLite was part of The Remote Company until it was acquired in 2022.

How did Partnero help MailerLite scale quickly? 

“We particularly enjoy the automated payout and additional reporting features. The platform's filters make it easy to see the actual commission generated by affiliate partners. Managing our program on Partnero has been a significant improvement over all the previous partnership management platforms.”

Rachel Guidery, Partnerships Manager, MailerLite

1. Robust tracking & analytics to track revenue growth

Nicole keeps track of monthly affiliate growth, top affiliates, revenue, and recently signed-up customers. Partnero's robust tracking and analytics provide MailerLite with valuable insights into affiliate performance, conversion rates, and revenue generated so Nicole can keep on top of her KPIs. 

This data empowers Nicole – and MailerLite – to make data-driven decisions and optimize their affiliate programs. By effectively managing their affiliate program on Partnero, MailerLite generated over $5.9 million in revenue since migrating to Partnero, surpassing their goals.

MailerLite's monthly revenue on Partnero
2. Automated payouts save time and remove room for error

Partnero's automated payout system removed the need for manual processing. This ensures accurate and timely payments to affiliates, improving their partner’s experience and removing any room for error. This streamlined process increases partner satisfaction and encourages continued partner engagement.

In 2023, over 600,000 USD in commissions were automatically paid to partners on time! Putting payouts on autopilot has also helped MailerLite save time so they can focus on building and scaling their partnership program, such as contemplating adding affiliate tiers for different commissions. With Partnero, you can customize the commission type and amount. 

3. Customize rewards to incentivize your partners

Many successful partnership programs know that incentives are essential to scaling their programs. MailerLite uses Partnero to customize rewards for their affiliate program. Customizing allows MailerLite to change and align its incentives with its partners’ needs. 

Over 1.7M USD in rewards were issued on Partnero in total. This is from MailerLite’s top 15 partners alone! Partnero can process rewards and commissions no matter how much your program scales. 

4. User-friendly interface to increase partner and employee satisfaction 

Partnero’s user-friendly interface results in higher affiliate engagement and participation. This allowed MailerLite to onboard and manage a larger number of affiliates seamlessly. This also helps MailerLite to scale its affiliate programs without compromising efficiency. 

Because of how user-friendly Partnero’s platform is, it makes it easy for new MailerLite’s partnership team members to learn how to manage MailerLite’s affiliate program. Staff training is important, but easier when you don’t have too much to learn! Nicole felt at ease when she used Partnero for the first time, having joined MailerLite over a year ago.

5. Centralized partner portal to consolidate partner enablement content 

Partnero's partner portal puts all of MailerLite’s affiliate operations in one place. Affiliates can easily access promotional materials, track their performance, and receive real-time updates. This makes it transparent for program managers and affiliates and improves MailerLite’s affiliate program’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

So much so that MailerLite wants to create more content to motivate and guide new affiliates. With their platform needs taken care of, MailerLite is focusing on building a content program and other initiatives to help their affiliates close more deals successfully!

MailerLIte's partner portal resources section

Partnerships @ MailerLite

What does ‘Partnership’ mean to MailerLite? 

“A nice analogy that I remember reading compares partnerships to a village years ago - you had the butcher shop, the bakery, and the greengrocers. Separately they all deliver something specific, high-quality goods in their own niche - when brought together, they make an amazing sandwich” – Rachel Guidery, Partnerships Manager

What partnership challenges does MailerLite face?

Nicole notes that MailerLite’s commission offer has successfully attracted new partners. However, with such fierce competition in an evolving partnership landscape, MailerLite is closely watching and learning from other successful affiliate partnerships. 

From lifetime commission to creative campaigns and incentives such as trips to the Caribbean or the latest Apple laptop. Competitor intelligence is top of mind, and continues to be a challenge; subscribing to different resources simply isn’t enough. 

There’s much to keep up with in the partnership world, including compliance with GDPR. As privacy laws evolve, this is also another challenge.

What are the most important partnership terms? 

“A few that come to mind,” says Rachel. They include: 

  1. Certification

  2. Ideal Partner Profile (IPP)

  3. Integration partner

  4. Return on investment (ROI)

Meanwhile, Nicole draws on the term ‘cookie’. She ‌noticed that many people did not know that cookies, in fact, track earned commissions. ‘Third-party cookies’ is another important term, especially regarding data privacy. 

Learn more about partnership terms

Which partnership program does MailerLite admire?

Rachel admires and draws inspiration from Canva’s partnership programs, aptly named Canvassadors. “It’s a nice amalgamation of an affiliate, expert and ambassador program”, she explains. 

Continuing to improve and expand partnership programs @ MailerLite

As Partnero builds more features based on MailerLite and other users’ feedback, MailerLite’s partnership programs will continue to grow. 

We’re excited to see how MailerLite grows its affiliate program and if they experiment or implement any ideas they’ve seen from their inspirations or original ideas, such as increasing their content library for partners. 

Want to follow MailerLite’s partnership journey? Learn more by visiting MailerLite’s website and its affiliate program.

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Partnering with Partnero proved to be a game-changer for MailerLite's affiliate program management. By leveraging the platform's centralized portal, advanced tracking and analytics, and automated payout system, MailerLite achieved remarkable revenue growth, increased affiliate engagement, and improved scalability. 

This highlights the importance of effective partnership management and its significant impact on revenue generation for businesses like MailerLite and yours.

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