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Affiliate tracking software for Shopify

Seamlessly integrate, effortlessly track conversions, and reward your partners. Get your fully customized affiliate program set up in minutes.

Channel the power of affiliate marketing for your e-commerce store

Unlock the full potential of your Shopify store and double down on your growth. Here is how affiliate marketing for Shopify can help you get ahead of your competition:

Increase revenue and brand awareness

Leverage affiliates' marketing expertise and audience to drive conversions and boost your brand awareness.

Monitor performance and gain insights

Affiliate marketing provides real-time data and performance tracking, allowing you to measure and optimize results for better ROI.

Only pay for real results

Affiliate marketing operates on a performance-based model, so you only pay for real results. No more wasted ad spend.

Generate highly targeted leads

Form affiliate partnerships with specific audiences to reach out to the right customers at a lower cost.

Build trust and credibility

By partnering with trusted affiliates, businesses can leverage their credibility and gain the trust of their audience.

Seamlessly integrate with Shopify

Streamlined setup, reliable tracking, and automatically attributed rewards.


Set up your program structure

Decide how and when your partners will be rewarded. Stay competitive with fully customizable program settings.


Integrate with Shopify

Use our plugin to integrate Partnero with any of your Shopify sites easily.


Grow your sales with affiliate marketing

Tap into new pools of highly targeted leads by partnering with trusted affiliates.


Monitor program performance

Track and analyze data with program insights to identify what's working for you.


Reward your partners with a few clicks

Reward your partners effectively with Paypal Mass Payouts.

Keep your partners at the forefront

Design a partner portal that aligns with your branding. Provide your partners with marketing materials and essential features for product promotion.

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More features to explore

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Flexible commission setup

Fixed or % based commission. One-time or recurring commission for subscription-based models.

Payout analytics

Monitor program revenue, rewards, and growth with payout KPIs and insights.

Program emails

Use an email builder to review and edit email content and style so they align with your brand voice.

Multiple custom affiliate links

Possibility to create as many unique individual affiliate links as your partners require.

Social sharing

One-click social media sharing with pre-written messages and automatically embedded affiliate links.

Consolidated dashboard

Own multiple Shopify stores? Create as many programs as you need and track the performance with a single dashboard.

Manage your partnerships like never before.

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